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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. When is the ILLCF Scholarship application due date?

 All applications must be typed, completed (with letters of recommendations) and received by October 18th, 2013.

 2. Can I apply for the ILLCF scholarship if I am currently a graduate student?

 No, the scholarship is designed for full-time undergraduate students who are Illinois residents attending a four year university or community college in Illinois.

 3. Can I apply for the ILLCF scholarship if I am attending a two year community college?

 Yes, as long as the community college is located in Illinois and you are an Illinois resident. The scholarship is designed for undergraduate students at either a two year community college or four year university.

 4. Can I apply if I am an Illinois resident at an out of state university?

 No, only Illinois residents at Illinois universities or community colleges can apply for this scholarship.

 5. Can I fax or email my final application?

 No, all applicants must mail their application to the following address below:

 Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation Scholarships
c/o Jesse H. Ruiz
Drinker Biddle
191 North Wacker Drive, Suite 3700
Chicago, Illinois 60606-1698

 6. When will I be notified if I am selected to receive a scholarship?

 Students who are selected to receive a scholarship will be informed before the 11th Annual Illinois Legislative Latino Conference which takes place on Friday, November 22, 2013.  

 7.  Should I attend the ILLCF Conference on Friday, November 22, 2013?

Students who are selected to receive an ILLCF scholarship will be invited and asked to attend the 11th Annual Conference in order to be given recognition.


For further information about the ILLCF Scholarship Program, please contact the office of Jesse H. Ruiz at (312) 569-1135 or jesse.ruiz@dbr.com.